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Month: March 2020

Living Well Is The Best Revenge


Sometimes life doesn’t treat us so well. It happens to all of us at one time or another. It is always so easy to let those negative thoughts consume us. Instead of seeing all the good things we have, at times we can only concentrate on the  bad things that happen. We may want to get even for an injustice, or something that happened that made a relationship  go bad. These are the times that our up bringing and character must take charge of those situations. Dwelling on the past, when it is hurtful is not good. If you let it control you, it may take you to places you really don’t want to go. So, why let it? It is always better to think positive. Life is so short, and everyday is precious. Always remember, time is the only thing in life that is irreplaceable, so it is best that you spend your time in a happy place. We all at times, need time to heal. When you  hurt yourself physically, you go to doctor. When life hurts you, go to friends and family and let them cheer, and heal you. But never forget:

“Living Well Is The Best Revenge” 

Have a Good Life, Friend


Why Affiliates Are So Valuable To Marketing

Why Affiliates Add So Much Value


What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is an independent marketer who sells other people’s stuff, usually for a percentage of the selling price, a commission, plain and simple. They fill a need for retailers’ in that, if it sits on their self, or in their inventory, whatever it is, it is not making money for the retailer.   Now, the retailers’ could  add more advertising campaigns to try to sell their overstocked inventory, but that is an added expense, which would not guarantee a sale, by any means. Whereas, the affiliate is not getting paid until the sale is made, which is a lot more practical, and efficient for the retailer. Because of that situation, it doesn’t cost the buyer any more money to purchase through an affiliate, and it actually could save, or make the retailer a great deal of money.

The more affiliates attempting to sell product for a particular retailer, the less the retailer has to pay for direct advertising. They only need to keep their brand, or service reputation good in the minds of consumers. So, affiliates provide a valuable service to all retailers’. The more affiliates they have working for them creates a much better situation for the retailer. They are not dependent on one affiliate which creates a situation for them where demands for commission increases don’t exist, in most cases. However, if you could determine that the volume of your sales were much higher than the average affiliate, then you could suggest that you are certainly worth more to them. That is why some affiliates make more based on their volume of business. Your ingenuity can guarantee you are at the top of the food chain, so to speak.


How Much Money Does An Affiliate Make?

As you investigate which niche you may want to market, you will find in some cases, great disparity in commission rates for the affiliates among different retailers’. There are several trains of thought to consider when determining how much one can make as an affiliate. Any profession you may decide to enter will have earning disparities depending on how good you are at what you do, and who you work for.

Earning a commission is the same as, for example, construction trades getting paid by piece work. The faster you can work, the more you can make. It’s like the merit system on steroids, but better because the rewards are immediate, and you know how much your commission rates are up front. You will notice that places like Amazon tend to pay at a lower rate. That is because they are the largest seller of products in the world. Everyone buys things from Amazon, so it is easy to get people to shop there. The only problems you would have as an Affiliate for them are, 1) the large volume of sales needed because a low commission rate. 2) And  situation of the cookies, those little internet things attached to your affiliate links that shows that it was you, through your efforts, that sent a customer to them. They only last for 24 hours for Amazon. So, if your customer doesn’t make a purchase in that time frame, they become Amazon’s or another affiliate’s customer whenever they make that, or another purchase, out of that time frame. The way to get around that is to make certain that your link is always in front of your customer. Make it easier for them to connect to Amazon through you. This is where your ingenuity would be a big factor. It would be wise to make certain that you are not violating any terms of service in your affiliate agreement with Amazon, or any retailer when attempting to keep them as a regular customer of yours.


WealthyAffiliate, Earn As You Learn


Some retailers’ have their affiliate links effective for up to a year, so you would get credit for whatever they bought for up to that period. Some customers belong to the affiliate for as long as they purchase on a regular basis, Wealthy Affiliate being one of those, whose customers are charged monthly, and you would receive a commission monthly for that same customer. As you can see you would have to balance possible volume, and price vs your particular affiliate link activity terms. Once you start making money, which is one of your first goals, it would be wise to consider all of these factors in determining which retailers’ you wish to represent in your affiliate activities. Always try to determine which situation is more profitable for your company by diversifying and determining where your efforts are most lucrative.

In another article I will provide examples of retailers, at which commission rates they pay, and how long their links are active. Just to get your attention, did you know Travigo and Price Line are affiliate marketers? Many affiliates are paid many Millions, or even Billions of dollars. Your compensation is only limited by your imagination and abilities.

Please note that you will find no better place than Wealthy Affiliate to learn every aspect of affiliate marketing.

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About Me


My Journey to Success    



Whose Opportunity Is This ?

I was always interested in Business Opportunities since the early days of AOL. That was a time when you had to get on the internet using dial up modems. My first computer was so slow that it wouldn’t even get off the entrance ramp to that new Information Super Highway. I had my own startup business as a small Telecommunications Contractor. As my business grew I bought better computers, I still had an interest and a tendency to always looked at those Business Opportunities and I messed around with them to a small degree.

What I began to notice though was that the opportunity I was looking for was more of an opportunity for those trying to recruit me than it was for me. Furthermore, that never really changed over the years. They all told me the same thing, “you need to first build up an email list, and present this great opportunity to others”. The problem was, that they never told me exactly how to do that. However, they did offer to sell me these fresh, hot email list from opportunity seekers who were looking for the same thing I was. ” OK, if I found this great Opportunity why don’t I know what it is yet”?


To Tell You The Truth

It all seemed like a scam to me, and I pride myself as being an honest guy, and to tell you the truth my heart just wasn’t into it, though my mind still was, so I fell for several of these before I gave up in complete frustration. Besides, my business, the one I was actually making my living with, kept me so busy I kind of lost interest.


I am Retired, Well Almost

Fast forward to my retirement, after several years of just relaxing my broken body from all the hard work ( I was on my feet all day ) and resting my mind from all the stress caused by endless details, and deadlines that were always miraculously met, I started my Business Opportunity quest yet again. Same results, pay for an auto responder, go buy advertisements, or email list and be amazed how that list will grow, they never really did.

Oh, and the catcher, “you don’t need a Website, just a Capture Page, which we will supply”. As time went by, my email inbox sure did grow with these endless opportunities that said, please do not reply to this email with solicitations. I concluded those emails were from all the others mules they had recruited to carry their mail, just like me. They just kept coming and coming.

Thanks Tim

Then thanks to my new buddy Tim, I found Weathy Affiliates where I learn how to have clients find me, instead of me trying to find them, while being lost in the crowd of endless emails. I am not going to sugar coat this and say you will be an overnight success, because you won’t. But, if that is what you want, you need to listen to all those ads that tell you they will do that for you. Then in a couple years, hopefully you can find me again, after you are frustrated like I was so long ago. Please, save yourself from all that aggravation, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.


What Have You Got To Lose

You have absolutely nothing to lose, we don’t even want your credit card for our Free Week of exploring everything we have to offer. First thing you will notice, the greetings you will get from myself and the owners. We have videos that explain everything from how to move around our site, to all the many, many free training video you can watch right away. You can build your own website, free of charge, ask questions from our 1.4 million members who are eager to help. Our goal is to help you become an Online Marketing Professional. Selling almost any product you want. Once that happens you can work anywhere in the world. There are 4 Billion potential customers on the internet spending Trillions of dollars per year. You can get more than your share after we teach you how.

So, if you want it all completely laid out for you, all you need to do is push this button. You’re so close…Geese’s


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