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Month: May 2020

2020 Review of The Wealthy Affiliate Training Program-How To Learn From The Best In The Business

2020 A Year We Will Never Forget

For the following reasons reason Our Affiliate Success is writing a 2020 review of the Wealthy Affiliate Program,  learn from the best to be the best, an option you may want to review as an alternative to help supplement your income. 2020 has been a very tough year for many people.

For some, fortunes have been lost, or won. Many have been laid off, and many more have lost their jobs, their livelihoods, and in some cases their homes. People who live paycheck to paycheck have suffered the hardest of consequences because they are the most vulnerable.

If this experience has taught us anything it should have taught us to be prepared in case this ever happens again, who is to say it won’t. I pray that it will not, and as much as I believe in the power of prayer, now is the perfect time to prepare yourself in case this, or another pandemic, will ever strike again.

What I will stress here is that you can participate in, and evaluate the Wealthy Affiliate Program for your first week Completely Free. That is of significant importance at this particular time. But, I am getting ahead of myself, so let me first explain what the Wealthy Affiliate Program is, and just as importantly what it is not.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Program?

The Bible says, “Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and feed him for a lifetime”. That in a nut shell is exactly how and why The Wealthy Affiliate Program was conceived, designed, and instituted. The whole concept of this program is to teach you through a series of live, and video presentations of how to become an internet entrepreneur with particular emphasis on Affiliate Marketing.

We are a group, of now 2 million, strong who are willing and able to participate in your training by having a combined willingness to answer any questions you may have during your learning process.

Many times it just takes minutes to get an answer, but be assured you will get an answer. Why is that?…Because  all of us at Wealthy Affiliate believe in the concept of paying it forward, we have all been helped, and we believe in helping others.

That is what makes our bonds and friendships so strong. It is also, what makes The Wealthy Affiliate Program so unique in an industry, that seems to take advantage of newbies by persuading them to constantly buy products, and add on bonuses to those products that supposedly add to the effectiveness of your original purchase.

We do not do those kinds of sales techniques at Wealthy Affiliate. What you learn here will enable you to become an Independent, Self Proficient, Internet Entrepreneur.

Take a minute to explore the benefits of a Premium Membership

Why Affiliate Marketing? Because with affiliate marketing :

  1. you don’t need to create, or invent, a product to sell
  2. you don’t need to purchase an inventory, and store it at your house
  3. you don’t need to box products, put labels on boxes
  4. you don’t need to arrange shipping, or take care of shipping problems
  5. you will not participate in direct face to face selling
  6. you do not have to worry about customer complaints
  7. you never have to get involved in returns
  8. you never have to worry about defective products

When you have to do all of that, it is like taking your job and moving it into your house. Who wants to do that?

So What Is Affiliate Marketing Then?

Simply put Affiliate marketing is assisting in selling other people’s stuff for a commission.

You really don’t need to sell it because it is almost always something that someone already wants, or needs to buy. We simply teach you how to put yourself between the customer, the product and the retailer, to get a commission.

You are actually doing a favor for the retailer by guiding customers to their website to make a purchase. Because of that it doesn’t cost any more money for the retailer to sell their product, and since they don’t pay you until after the sale is made. Furthermore, it does not in any way add to the cost of product purchased by the customer. It is win, win, win for all involved. How often does that happen?

It is much more practical and efficient than having them pay for additional hit or miss advertising to sell a product just siting on their self. You are also assisting the customer find what they are already looking to purchase.

The Key to the Concept

The whole key to this concept is in teaching you how to use the free advertising concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Wealthy Affiliate is the best of the best in SEO. They have the tools, and the expertise, to teach you how to conquer this concept for your own business which they teach you to build, provide the hosting services for, and with everything you will need to succeed.

This is an all in one package with no hidden surprises. It is so affordable you can actually build 50 websites, with the fastest speed on the net, and  hosted for under $1.00 per site, per month. That is unheard-of in the industry.

Once you learn, and expand your business, you will not be charged anymore. So, you get hosting services, with free Word Press, and free plug-ins that make Word Press work with ease, access to  our library of over 3500 free website themes to make your site attractive and functional, free training to teach you how to become self-sufficient by building your own website.

The updated training is always available to you while you remain a member. You will also become informed of any changes that may, or may not, come in the years ahead regarding SEO.

Here is an example of updates that continually keep you informed:

“Google has just announced they are releasing their latest Google Core update May 4th, 2020 in the late afternoon. This update appears to be more of the same touching on the same ranking metrics from prior Google Core updates and the Google Core documentation that was released back in August 2019”

Unfortunately I cannot show you the precise information because you are not a member…yet.

Why Does Wealthy Affiliate Currently Have Over 2 Million Members?

Think about this: Why else would Wealthy Affiliate draw and maintain over 2 million subscribers to their service?

If you are an experienced marketer how much in sales could it cost you if you are not informed about Google ranking updates? Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a core of 2 million members help analyse these updates.

It certainly seems it must remain beneficial to the most successful of our members who, by the way, some have decided to  participate in your training. So, you continually learn from the best, and some of the most successful, in our business.

Becoming a Wealthy Affiliate Member Could Be A Life Changing Opportunity

Let’s Talk About  What Wealthy Affiliate Is Not

Let me be perfectly upfront about what Wealthy Affiliate Program is not, it is not an overnight success kind of thing.

You will not see money flowing into your bank account in days, or even weeks. This is not for you if you are still chasing that dream. Good luck with that, because it almost always never happens. I hate to shatter your dreams in that regard but, it needs to be said. It will take hard work, and dedication to reach your goals.

It is completely up to you what you will get out of this program. Everything you need to succeed is there but you are the one factor that will determine your success or failure. We can and are willing to help you reach your dreams but, in the end it is your determination and will that decides that outcome.

Let me ask you this, are you willing to work hard for a Life Changing Opportunity, one that can allow you to work from anywhere in the World that has internet access. An Opportunity to leave the Rat Race, leave your current boss for the best boss in the world, You. If your answer is yes, then Wealthy Affiliate is what you may have spent years, like me, searching for.

Let’s Talk About Training

Training is what differentiates The Wealthy Affiliate program from all others. We do not sell you access to our program and then leave you to figure out how to make it all work.

You can go to any hosting site, spend your money on hosting fees and then what? Do you know how to use Word Press, do you even know what Word Press is? More than likely you are going to have to use a YouTube video created by someone’s kid in his basement trying to figure how to con you into believing he knows what he is doing. I have been there, I have done that.

At Wealthy Affiliate we show you how to activate Word Press, how to activate Plug-ins that make Word Press easy to operate. Whereas, you will probably be charged extra at other hosting sites for those features, at Wealthy Affiliate they are  all included in your membership. We show you how to get your website up and running in 30 seconds.

Just So You Can See Part Of What You Will Be Getting

Take a peek at our video training to get an idea of how easy it is. To make it even easier if you have a couple browser tabs open you can pause the video, follow the instructions at your very own website, go back and restart the video to the next step, so forth and so on.

Couldn’t be any easier. Every detail from how to navigate the Wealthy Affiliate site, to how to navigate your Website Dashboard in your Site Management Area. Step by step detail to make everything so easy. And if you forget something the videos are always there to refresh your memory for as long as you are a member. Check it out, it is free after all:

Building Your Website in 30 Seconds, Literally

Please Give to Wounded Warrior Project

The world can be your office

Wouldn’t it be great to work from anywhere in the world. The freedom to travel whenever you want, to stay as long as you want. Seeing new faces, meeting new people, learning about different cultures, never knowing what wonders await you suddenly appearing around each new corner. Life could be a great adventure.

The world can be your office. We live in a digital world, and that makes all the difference in the world. If you are your own boss, then you answer to yourself. If you had some way to make money using the internet, as long as where you lived had internet access, at least long enough for you to transfer money when you needed it, you are good to go.


That kind of dream life is within your grasp. It is just up to you to reach out and grab the opportunity.

The only problem I could forsee with that idea would be, suppose say for instance, you worked for another company as a telemarketer, and that company was a Travel agency. Now let’s say, we witnessed another pandemic, and suddenly lots of travel restrictions. Think you have a  problem because you may  cuts in your pay for possibly months?

Think of any business and how it could be affected under those circumstances. Then think of a business that could thrive under those circumstances, like selling consumables, something that people will always need. If you have your own business and you are an Affiliate Marketer you could also add those types of products to your business as a hedge to help you thrive through tough times.

Remember how it was at the grocery store looking for paper towels, toiletries, food, and etc. Those are potential problems that you could solve with your business, if you were to set it up right. And remember, the world is your market, so places that were not affected by the pandemic are still your customers. So, what I am saying is, that it is better to be your own boss, making your own decisions for your company, rather than someone else making decisions when you are not the most important part of the equation. So how do you go about this if you do not know a thing about online marketing?…please read on to find out.

We Build Entrepreneurs

At Wealthy Affiliate we teach you how to be an Internet Marketing Entrepreneur. We are a group of individuals from all over the World who have joined this organization of 2 million strong. We are young, old, and somewhere in between. Many of us are considered Super Affiliates, many are millionaires, and many are not. But all of us are working hard to build our empires, learning from each other’s different techniques, gaining new insights. We are a group who believe in paying it forward, we have all been helped along the way, so we want to help others succeed. And as long as we remain members of Wealthy Affiliate we have access to this great fount of knowledge.

You may think you know nothing about how to build a website. That is exactly what we teach you right from the beginning with comprehensive video training. First, our videos teach you how to navigate through our site to use all of its functions. Then we teach you >>how to build a website<< using Word Press and these great plug-ins that make it all come together so smoothly. And along the way we teach you about Affiliate Marketing <<==, and just as importantly, what it is not. This will take a commitment from you to work hard. Anything of value that is not a scam does, but rest assured – you can do this – we build entrepreneurs from the ground up. We have the platform, we have the knowledge, and we have the success stories – all we need is you.

If You Can Afford Coffee

So how expensive is the Wealthy Affiliate program? Let’s put it like this – if you can afford to buy a regular coffee everyday you can more than afford the Wealthy Affiliate Program. Once you drink that coffee, it’s gone. It’s delicious, but is it life changing? How many coffee shops give you a free coffee every day for a week  just to see if you like their products. Wealthy Affiliate will not give you free coffee every day for a week, but they will give you free access to their site so you can experience what you will be getting. If that were not good enough, after that free week, if you chose, you can get the Premium Membership for for your first month at a 61% discount for $19.00 over the regular price of $49.00.

Now if you bought a regular coffee at one of the largest coffee stores in the world, not going to mention their name, it would cost you ( $1.85 X 30 days= $55.50 per month, wow). A 30 oz can of Maxwell House Coffee, which should last one person at least a month, cost $6.28.  ($55.50- 6.28= $49.22 savings). Now I have just demonstrated how to pay for your course in savings from one circumstance, if you buy coffee everyday. I am certain there exist many other ways to accomplish the same results. So lets see what that $49.00 will get you. (The Starter column is your 1st free week). This will blow your mind.

Let’s Check to see what you do get:

Comparison between Free Starter and Premium Memberships