Ever Increasing Speed of Change

Technology is changing lives-mankind went from throwing Rocks, to Spears, to the Bow and Arrow and that process took 10s of thousands years. It wasn’t until the 19th Century that the pace of invention, and innovation started moving exponentially. One invention lead to another, and another, but we were still using the Horse as a means of transportation until the end of that century.

Whether we like it or not, technological advances are going to happen at a much greater pace than with which most of us are comfortable. Think in terms of artificial Intelligence. We are only at the very beginning of this phase and it will cause the rate of change to move even faster at light speed.

Will Your Job Be Safe

Automobiles driving themselves. Soon the Trucking Industry will feel the effects of that revelation. More and more jobs will be replaced by automation because it will be much more profitable, and require fewer employees.

We all see the trends that are happening, but what are we doing to prepare ourselves for these changes that are inevitable? We can bury our heads in the sand, and try to ignore it, but that will not stop it from happening. One day we are going to have to be honest with ourselves, hopefully that will not be too late for us to make a transition.

The Wright Brothers were actually Bicycle Mechanics. They saw the writing on the wall as automobiles were just beginning to overtake their industry. Rather than sit still and let it happen to them, they leapfrogged from Bicycles to Airplanes. It was much easier to do that back then than it is now, and it will be even harder in the future. You can spend years training working in one technological field, and before you can retire, technology will replace whatever it is that you endeavor to learn. There is just no stopping it.

My Personal Experience

I remember as a young man trying to decide what to do with my life. Back in those days you could either go to college to become some sort of professional, or learn a trade, work as a craftsman of some sort. Depending on what field you chose it could be quite secure with great pension benefits.

I choice the Telephone Industry because if you worked for a Bell System Company, with its union, you were guaranteed security and a great pension. The Bell System at that time was the largest single employer in the USA with over 500,000 employees.

I worked at Western Electric, a company contracted by all the other Bell System companies to install telephone switching equipment into their Central Offices. In a ranking of companies and countries Western Electric was the 33rd largest financial entity in the world. I felt very secure.

The Bell System had all the money in the world. They must have felt that they didn’t need to contribute to Political Parties because a start up called MCI sued them for denying them access to the cabling network that the Bell System had built, and won a $1.8B award.

So much for my career there. MCI, which later became World Com, is no longer in business because long distance calling went out with the internet. The Bell System Is now no longer in existence as Judge Greene broke it up into several entities after the Justice Department sued AT&T for antitrust violations.

I was lucky in that I could work for various interconnect companies until I became a self-employed contractor, and later retired. The equipment that I was trained working on no longer exist. It was replaced by equipment that modulates it calls using data packets of information over the internet. Completely different technology. Fortunately for me that technology took 40 yrs. to implement.

No Industry Is Safe

If you have had a doctors’ visit during this pandemic there is a good chance that you did it remotely. Just think of the implications of that for the future. Why go to the doctors’ office for an EKG when you can put two fingers on a tablet and have an APP read out the results from your cell phone which your doctor can interpret remotely. So, even some aspects of the Health Care Industry are going to be affected in some manner. Just a question of time before more radical changes occur in that Industry.

The Truth is that no industry is safe from technological advances replacing people. I believe it is only slowed because they do not know how to handle the repercussions of an inactive society. We see workplace stresses being exerted into physical harm, or even death in some cases. Greater disparities between the Rich and Poor mainly contributed by technology, those that know how to adapt and deal with all the future implications, and those that do not.

It is of the utmost importance to educate ourselves to make these changes work for us, and not against us. Would it not be better now to make some extra money that we could use to invest in these technologies that are going to make some people very, very wealthy in the future. We are standing on the cusps of some major changes, that are going to be very profitable as they become ubiquitous in our societies. Nothing will stop this from happening, major corporations are already aligning themselves with certain companies that will implement these changes. Billions upon Billions of dollars are on the line.

Is the Internet Safe From Change?

For the foreseeable future I believe the internet will be a vehicle for innovative changes and not a victim of something else that will replace it. More and more people will be shopping online, brick and mortar stores will slowly become a thing of the past.

It would be wise for you to at least investigate how you could become part of a new Market Place and not yet another victim who reacted much too slowly to inevitable change. Think about a way to make a living from your home, or for that matter anywhere in the World you wanted to travel, while you traveled. The World could be your office. Imagine the possibilities. It is not impossible, it is right HERE