My Journey to Success    



Whose Opportunity Is This ?

I was always interested in Business Opportunities since the early days of AOL. That was a time when you had to get on the internet using dial up modems. My first computer was so slow that it wouldn’t even get off the entrance ramp to that new Information Super Highway. I had my own startup business as a small Telecommunications Contractor. As my business grew I bought better computers, I still had an interest and a tendency to always looked at those Business Opportunities and I messed around with them to a small degree.

What I began to notice though was that the opportunity I was looking for was more of an opportunity for those trying to recruit me than it was for me. Furthermore, that never really changed over the years. They all told me the same thing, “you need to first build up an email list, and present this great opportunity to others”. The problem was, that they never told me exactly how to do that. However, they did offer to sell me these fresh, hot email list from opportunity seekers who were looking for the same thing I was. ” OK, if I found this great Opportunity why don’t I know what it is yet”?


To Tell You The Truth

It all seemed like a scam to me, and I pride myself as being an honest guy, and to tell you the truth my heart just wasn’t into it, though my mind still was, so I fell for several of these before I gave up in complete frustration. Besides, my business, the one I was actually making my living with, kept me so busy I kind of lost interest.


I am Retired, Well Almost

Fast forward to my retirement, after several years of just relaxing my broken body from all the hard work ( I was on my feet all day ) and resting my mind from all the stress caused by endless details, and deadlines that were always miraculously met, I started my Business Opportunity quest yet again. Same results, pay for an auto responder, go buy advertisements, or email list and be amazed how that list will grow, they never really did.

Oh, and the catcher, “you don’t need a Website, just a Capture Page, which we will supply”. As time went by, my email inbox sure did grow with these endless opportunities that said, please do not reply to this email with solicitations. I concluded those emails were from all the others mules they had recruited to carry their mail, just like me. They just kept coming and coming.

Thanks Tim

Then thanks to my new buddy Tim, I found Weathy Affiliates where I learn how to have clients find me, instead of me trying to find them, while being lost in the crowd of endless emails. I am not going to sugar coat this and say you will be an overnight success, because you won’t. But, if that is what you want, you need to listen to all those ads that tell you they will do that for you. Then in a couple years, hopefully you can find me again, after you are frustrated like I was so long ago. Please, save yourself from all that aggravation, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.


What Have You Got To Lose

You have absolutely nothing to lose, we don’t even want your credit card for our Free Week of exploring everything we have to offer. First thing you will notice, the greetings you will get from myself and the owners. We have videos that explain everything from how to move around our site, to all the many, many free training video you can watch right away. You can build your own website, free of charge, ask questions from our 1.4 million members who are eager to help. Our goal is to help you become an Online Marketing Professional. Selling almost any product you want. Once that happens you can work anywhere in the world. There are 4 Billion potential customers on the internet spending Trillions of dollars per year. You can get more than your share after we teach you how.

So, if you want it all completely laid out for you, all you need to do is push this button. You’re so close…Geese’s


Welcome To Your New Found Success,