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2020 Review of The Wealthy Affiliate Training Program-How To Learn From The Best In The Business

2020 A Year We Will Never Forget

For the following reasons reason Our Affiliate Success is writing a 2020 review of the Wealthy Affiliate Program,  learn from the best to be the best, an option you may want to review as an alternative to help supplement your income. 2020 has been a very tough year for many people.

For some, fortunes have been lost, or won. Many have been laid off, and many more have lost their jobs, their livelihoods, and in some cases their homes. People who live paycheck to paycheck have suffered the hardest of consequences because they are the most vulnerable.

If this experience has taught us anything it should have taught us to be prepared in case this ever happens again, who is to say it won’t. I pray that it will not, and as much as I believe in the power of prayer, now is the perfect time to prepare yourself in case this, or another pandemic, will ever strike again.

What I will stress here is that you can participate in, and evaluate the Wealthy Affiliate Program for your first week Completely Free. That is of significant importance at this particular time. But, I am getting ahead of myself, so let me first explain what the Wealthy Affiliate Program is, and just as importantly what it is not.

What is the Wealthy Affiliate Program?

The Bible says, “Give a man a fish, and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and feed him for a lifetime”. That in a nut shell is exactly how and why The Wealthy Affiliate Program was conceived, designed, and instituted. The whole concept of this program is to teach you through a series of live, and video presentations of how to become an internet entrepreneur with particular emphasis on Affiliate Marketing.

We are a group, of now 2 million, strong who are willing and able to participate in your training by having a combined willingness to answer any questions you may have during your learning process.

Many times it just takes minutes to get an answer, but be assured you will get an answer. Why is that?…Because  all of us at Wealthy Affiliate believe in the concept of paying it forward, we have all been helped, and we believe in helping others.

That is what makes our bonds and friendships so strong. It is also, what makes The Wealthy Affiliate Program so unique in an industry, that seems to take advantage of newbies by persuading them to constantly buy products, and add on bonuses to those products that supposedly add to the effectiveness of your original purchase.

We do not do those kinds of sales techniques at Wealthy Affiliate. What you learn here will enable you to become an Independent, Self Proficient, Internet Entrepreneur.

Take a minute to explore the benefits of a Premium Membership

Why Affiliate Marketing? Because with affiliate marketing :

  1. you don’t need to create, or invent, a product to sell
  2. you don’t need to purchase an inventory, and store it at your house
  3. you don’t need to box products, put labels on boxes
  4. you don’t need to arrange shipping, or take care of shipping problems
  5. you will not participate in direct face to face selling
  6. you do not have to worry about customer complaints
  7. you never have to get involved in returns
  8. you never have to worry about defective products

When you have to do all of that, it is like taking your job and moving it into your house. Who wants to do that?

So What Is Affiliate Marketing Then?

Simply put Affiliate marketing is assisting in selling other people’s stuff for a commission.

You really don’t need to sell it because it is almost always something that someone already wants, or needs to buy. We simply teach you how to put yourself between the customer, the product and the retailer, to get a commission.

You are actually doing a favor for the retailer by guiding customers to their website to make a purchase. Because of that it doesn’t cost any more money for the retailer to sell their product, and since they don’t pay you until after the sale is made. Furthermore, it does not in any way add to the cost of product purchased by the customer. It is win, win, win for all involved. How often does that happen?

It is much more practical and efficient than having them pay for additional hit or miss advertising to sell a product just siting on their self. You are also assisting the customer find what they are already looking to purchase.

The Key to the Concept

The whole key to this concept is in teaching you how to use the free advertising concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Wealthy Affiliate is the best of the best in SEO. They have the tools, and the expertise, to teach you how to conquer this concept for your own business which they teach you to build, provide the hosting services for, and with everything you will need to succeed.

This is an all in one package with no hidden surprises. It is so affordable you can actually build 50 websites, with the fastest speed on the net, and  hosted for under $1.00 per site, per month. That is unheard-of in the industry.

Once you learn, and expand your business, you will not be charged anymore. So, you get hosting services, with free Word Press, and free plug-ins that make Word Press work with ease, access to  our library of over 3500 free website themes to make your site attractive and functional, free training to teach you how to become self-sufficient by building your own website.

The updated training is always available to you while you remain a member. You will also become informed of any changes that may, or may not, come in the years ahead regarding SEO.

Here is an example of updates that continually keep you informed:

“Google has just announced they are releasing their latest Google Core update May 4th, 2020 in the late afternoon. This update appears to be more of the same touching on the same ranking metrics from prior Google Core updates and the Google Core documentation that was released back in August 2019”

Unfortunately I cannot show you the precise information because you are not a member…yet.

Why Does Wealthy Affiliate Currently Have Over 2 Million Members?

Think about this: Why else would Wealthy Affiliate draw and maintain over 2 million subscribers to their service?

If you are an experienced marketer how much in sales could it cost you if you are not informed about Google ranking updates? Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a core of 2 million members help analyse these updates.

It certainly seems it must remain beneficial to the most successful of our members who, by the way, some have decided to  participate in your training. So, you continually learn from the best, and some of the most successful, in our business.

Becoming a Wealthy Affiliate Member Could Be A Life Changing Opportunity

Let’s Talk About  What Wealthy Affiliate Is Not

Let me be perfectly upfront about what Wealthy Affiliate Program is not, it is not an overnight success kind of thing.

You will not see money flowing into your bank account in days, or even weeks. This is not for you if you are still chasing that dream. Good luck with that, because it almost always never happens. I hate to shatter your dreams in that regard but, it needs to be said. It will take hard work, and dedication to reach your goals.

It is completely up to you what you will get out of this program. Everything you need to succeed is there but you are the one factor that will determine your success or failure. We can and are willing to help you reach your dreams but, in the end it is your determination and will that decides that outcome.

Let me ask you this, are you willing to work hard for a Life Changing Opportunity, one that can allow you to work from anywhere in the World that has internet access. An Opportunity to leave the Rat Race, leave your current boss for the best boss in the world, You. If your answer is yes, then Wealthy Affiliate is what you may have spent years, like me, searching for.

Let’s Talk About Training

Training is what differentiates The Wealthy Affiliate program from all others. We do not sell you access to our program and then leave you to figure out how to make it all work.

You can go to any hosting site, spend your money on hosting fees and then what? Do you know how to use Word Press, do you even know what Word Press is? More than likely you are going to have to use a YouTube video created by someone’s kid in his basement trying to figure how to con you into believing he knows what he is doing. I have been there, I have done that.

At Wealthy Affiliate we show you how to activate Word Press, how to activate Plug-ins that make Word Press easy to operate. Whereas, you will probably be charged extra at other hosting sites for those features, at Wealthy Affiliate they are  all included in your membership. We show you how to get your website up and running in 30 seconds.

Just So You Can See Part Of What You Will Be Getting

Take a peek at our video training to get an idea of how easy it is. To make it even easier if you have a couple browser tabs open you can pause the video, follow the instructions at your very own website, go back and restart the video to the next step, so forth and so on.

Couldn’t be any easier. Every detail from how to navigate the Wealthy Affiliate site, to how to navigate your Website Dashboard in your Site Management Area. Step by step detail to make everything so easy. And if you forget something the videos are always there to refresh your memory for as long as you are a member. Check it out, it is free after all:

Building Your Website in 30 Seconds, Literally

Please Give to Wounded Warrior Project

The world can be your office

Wouldn’t it be great to work from anywhere in the world. The freedom to travel whenever you want, to stay as long as you want. Seeing new faces, meeting new people, learning about different cultures, never knowing what wonders await you suddenly appearing around each new corner. Life could be a great adventure.

The world can be your office. We live in a digital world, and that makes all the difference in the world. If you are your own boss, then you answer to yourself. If you had some way to make money using the internet, as long as where you lived had internet access, at least long enough for you to transfer money when you needed it, you are good to go.


That kind of dream life is within your grasp. It is just up to you to reach out and grab the opportunity.

The only problem I could forsee with that idea would be, suppose say for instance, you worked for another company as a telemarketer, and that company was a Travel agency. Now let’s say, we witnessed another pandemic, and suddenly lots of travel restrictions. Think you have a  problem because you may  cuts in your pay for possibly months?

Think of any business and how it could be affected under those circumstances. Then think of a business that could thrive under those circumstances, like selling consumables, something that people will always need. If you have your own business and you are an Affiliate Marketer you could also add those types of products to your business as a hedge to help you thrive through tough times.

Remember how it was at the grocery store looking for paper towels, toiletries, food, and etc. Those are potential problems that you could solve with your business, if you were to set it up right. And remember, the world is your market, so places that were not affected by the pandemic are still your customers. So, what I am saying is, that it is better to be your own boss, making your own decisions for your company, rather than someone else making decisions when you are not the most important part of the equation. So how do you go about this if you do not know a thing about online marketing?…please read on to find out.

We Build Entrepreneurs

At Wealthy Affiliate we teach you how to be an Internet Marketing Entrepreneur. We are a group of individuals from all over the World who have joined this organization of 2 million strong. We are young, old, and somewhere in between. Many of us are considered Super Affiliates, many are millionaires, and many are not. But all of us are working hard to build our empires, learning from each other’s different techniques, gaining new insights. We are a group who believe in paying it forward, we have all been helped along the way, so we want to help others succeed. And as long as we remain members of Wealthy Affiliate we have access to this great fount of knowledge.

You may think you know nothing about how to build a website. That is exactly what we teach you right from the beginning with comprehensive video training. First, our videos teach you how to navigate through our site to use all of its functions. Then we teach you >>how to build a website<< using Word Press and these great plug-ins that make it all come together so smoothly. And along the way we teach you about Affiliate Marketing <<==, and just as importantly, what it is not. This will take a commitment from you to work hard. Anything of value that is not a scam does, but rest assured – you can do this – we build entrepreneurs from the ground up. We have the platform, we have the knowledge, and we have the success stories – all we need is you.

If You Can Afford Coffee

So how expensive is the Wealthy Affiliate program? Let’s put it like this – if you can afford to buy a regular coffee everyday you can more than afford the Wealthy Affiliate Program. Once you drink that coffee, it’s gone. It’s delicious, but is it life changing? How many coffee shops give you a free coffee every day for a week  just to see if you like their products. Wealthy Affiliate will not give you free coffee every day for a week, but they will give you free access to their site so you can experience what you will be getting. If that were not good enough, after that free week, if you chose, you can get the Premium Membership for for your first month at a 61% discount for $19.00 over the regular price of $49.00.

Now if you bought a regular coffee at one of the largest coffee stores in the world, not going to mention their name, it would cost you ( $1.85 X 30 days= $55.50 per month, wow). A 30 oz can of Maxwell House Coffee, which should last one person at least a month, cost $6.28.  ($55.50- 6.28= $49.22 savings). Now I have just demonstrated how to pay for your course in savings from one circumstance, if you buy coffee everyday. I am certain there exist many other ways to accomplish the same results. So lets see what that $49.00 will get you. (The Starter column is your 1st free week). This will blow your mind.

Let’s Check to see what you do get:

Comparison between Free Starter and Premium Memberships

Wealthy Affiliate Is It Worth Investigating?

It Depends On You, And Where You Are At

I would guess that would depend on your perspective. Are you buying into $400.00 a day instant set up in less than an hour, no web page needed, schemes that always appear in your email inbox? If that is the only thing that will make you happy, then Wealthy Affiliate is not for you… at this time. You need to spend months chasing that dream until you come to your senses, or you have spent most of what little money you had in your bank account, only to make someone else more money.

If It Is Too Good To Be True It Probably Is

First, you need to understand just how big the Business Opportunity scheme really is, it is a multi-billion $ industry. People running scams take advantage of people just wanting to improve their lives. It is sad to see that kind of thing happen. They promise you something, give you bonuses to entice you, and then you find out that the bonuses are not free, just something else that you have to pay for. What they are really selling you is dependency, because you will always need them if you cannot learn to be independent.

What Makes Wealthy Affiliate Different?

We do not make those kinds of promises. Our promise to you is that we will teach you how to work independently:

  1. How to Build your own Web Site
  2. How to write Content, with the purpose of driving traffic
  3. Teach you the secrets of Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )
  4. Constant support. You can receive prompt answers to your questions, sometimes within minutes
  5. We promise you that success is not instantaneous, that it takes hard work.
  6. Our Training will always be available to you 24/7, as long as you remain a member

I Want You To Make A Promise To Me

I would like you to promise me that you will at least take the time to investigate all the things that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. I promise you that you can do this absolutely Free. All we are asking for is your time, not your money, not even your credit card. Your first week, is completely on us, we don’t even want to see your credit card..yet. Then the next month is at a 61% reduction at only $19.00 per month, with the benefits of a premium member, from the $49.00 regular, premium member cost…we need your credit card for those. We are so confident that you will understand the great benefits of becoming a Wealthy Affiliate. After all, there are 1.4 million of us hanging around for some reason. And we are all willing to share our experiences, and knowledge whenever you may need it. We believe in “paying it forward”, to help others the way we were helped, and we will not let you down.

$49.00 per month includes hosting of up to 50 websites, that is less than $1.00 a month for each web site. One of the highest, if not the highest speed service anywhere. And speed is so important for Search Engine Optimization.


For $19.00 plus your free week, will give you 5 weeks to learn all you can, and our video training is available 24/7. Learn everything you can about Affiliate Marketing and why it will be around for years to come. I was able to get my web site up and running in less than one week, and I am a complete Klutz.

Welcome to your new found Success,


Our Affiliate Success



What Is Wealthy Affiliate?- Why Should I enroll?

Byadmin March 27, 2020 0 Comments


Something Unprecedented Just Happened


90% Of Americans Are Sitting Home With No Income

Through no fault of our own, most of us are forced to temporarily leave our place of employment, and if you are like most Americans you live paycheck to paycheck. If you have to wait for Congress to help you, politics being what it is, it may be too late. You have bills to pay, and you may have other obligations that may need to be met.

Do you think it’s time to investigate some other means to supplement, or even replace, your income sources in case this ever happens again?

Sometimes we may have to think Outside The Box, perhaps out of our Comfort Zone.

Think about it like this, isn’t that how we grow as individuals? By moving past our Comfort Zones?

Success With Wealthy Affiliate

At Wealthy Affiliate, we are a group of individuals, dedicated to helping other like-minded people. Many of us are just like you, searching for ways to improve, or supplement our lives, for a more secure future. And many more are established Super Affiliates willing and able to help you on your Journey.

Success depends on a few variables:

  1. Hard work – this isn’t an overnight success story. There is money to be made online, but you need to make the right moves and put in the work.
    1. Creating content
    2. Learn the SECRETS of Search Engine Optimizaton (SEO)
  2. Persistence – This goes hand-in-hand with hard work. There will be failures that will test your patience. There will be slow months that test your will power. But with persistent hard work, you WILL Succeed.
  3. Learning – you must be willing to continually learn about marketing. Knowledge is power.
    1. Training Boot Camp
    2. Our Rich Knowledge Content

Learn how to join us for a week Free Of Charge.

See what we have to offer, participate in our training, build your own site all for Free, and if you like what you see, upgrade to our premium service at a 61% discount for the first month at a cost of only $19.00.


That will give you an additional month to complete your training, you can be well on your way by the.end of the first five weeks.

You won’t even need to register your credit card while this Free offer last

There are no hard sell tactics here, because we are confident in our comprehensive training, and we are dedicated to helping change lives.

Let us show you how Professional Marketers eliminate all the headaches involved in selling:

  • No face-to-face selling
  • No dealing with returns
  • No angry customers

Welcome to our world, and your new-found success,


Please Give To St. Jude’s, God Bless

Become a Successful Affiliate


To Become a Successful Affiliate is not difficult once you obtain the tools that will make it easier. We are all capable of doing just about anything we set our minds to because we were all designed to be creative, logical beings.

We were all created equal, and we can do anything we set our minds to because we were all given an extraordinary gift.

Our American Founding Fathers made a unique statement in Our Declaration of Independence when they stated that ” All Men Are Created Equal”. Of course, they had no evidence to support that statement, other than their faith in God, and their religious beliefs.

As science and technologies have advanced we have been able to prove, and disprove, many theories, and assumptions. There now exist peer reviewed evidence that we humanoids were in fact CREATED equally. That which distinguishes humanoids apart from other Primates, could not possibly have evolved through an evolutionary process. Because it was so precise, and intricate a procedure that it would have been impossible to perform by accident or by non directed mutation. It was intentional, and purposeful. And all of us were given that exact same gift that separated us from all other species.

We all have followed different paths to get to where we are today. Who we are has been defined by our environments, and our attitudes about ourselves and our ancestors. We have been influenced by family, friends, foes, and society, where we live, or lived, and associated climates. But make no mistake, we have all been given this incredible gift.

Why would I make such a statement? To reinforce the idea that we are all capable of accomplishment we have never dreamed possible. Many of us are trapped in our own minds, and we may set limitations upon ourselves that are simply not true.

We only grow when we place ourselves out of our comfort zones. We should set goals to give ourselves confidence that we can achieve things we never thought possible.

I want you to please watch this incredible video that will reinforce what I have stated.

I apologize for the ads that appear, you can skip them by simply hitting the “skip” button in the lower right corner to return to the video.




Whatever your goals in life may be, it might be preferable to make them financially possible, and practical by becoming an Affiliate Marketer. There is no better way to become a professional marketer than by joining Wealthy Affiliate. I will be posting many more articles in the future explaining this extraordinary opportunity for you to investigate. You are more than welcome to read some of them now listed on the menu to the right. I hope you will come back often. I will leave you with these couple of practical thoughts.

Think of Affiliate Marketing as your career, it can be quite lucrative, or think of it as a means to pay for further education, or to supplement your income as you advance in your current career. If you have children, it can be something you could pass on to them to accomplish the same things you may want to accomplish. With all the uncertainty in the world today it is never a bad idea to be prepared, to have something to fall back on when one of life’s unexpected occurrences happen. Haven’t we witnessed just that very thing with this terrible pandemic?

Luck, is preparation waiting for opportunity,


Our Affiliate Success

Please Give to St Jude’s Hospital For Children

Save A Child, Please Give To St. Jude’s




Our Affiliate Success AI Robot Does It All For Us


Our Affiliate Success AI Robot- He Keeps Working While We Do Other Stuff

Time flies, and there are so many things to do. Seems like you don’t have the time to get it all done

It is so nice to have Our Success AI Robot, he does exactly what we tell him to do. I am not talking about some Robot in a box that I get to use that is already set up for me, I am talking about Our AI Robot that we built, that will always belong to us. But I am getting ahead of myself, let me explain how and why I built Our affiliate AI Robot

Life Can Be Hectic

I don’t know about you, I am retired now, but I used to have a 3 hour 2 way commute every day. I was very busy and stressed out back then, fighting all that traffic going in and out of D.C. and that was before and after I worked an 8-hour day. I sure wish I would have just stopped to think what I could have done to make my life easier, but hey, I just had the attitude I have things I have to do, so I just forged ahead like everyone else I knew.

I Have Time To Think

It wasn’t until my retirement, now that I have all the time in the world to waste idly thinking, that I came up with this idea about wouldn’t be nice if I could have had someone, or something working for me, hmm.? When I was self-employed I had employees, but at times they caused a lot more work for me to do, and I always had to work beside them to make certain our schedules were always met. Sometimes it just seemed that no one but the boss cared about the important things. They refused to be programmed to think that way.

Thanks again, Tim

Then I met my new buddy, Tim. He introduced me to Wealthy Affiliate who showed me how to build my own Website. They taught me how to program it, how to write content, set up Search Engine Optimization, so It would get noticed by Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Once you learn how to do that it is like free advertising, but the good part is that you actually learn how to do all of that stuff. I am not talking about a Robot in a box sort of thing, I am talking about learning how to build your own AI Robot, so to speak. Once you program it right, it will automatically generate sales, do the sales pitch for you, send the customer to the product, and take care of all the details. It will actually do whatever you tell it to do, unlike my employees.

And Here Is The Best Part

Wealthy Affiliate introduced me to Affiliate marketing, and explained all the benefits of affiliate marketing. Man was I stubborn because I bought into all of that email marketing stuff, that just never worked. They insisted their way was much better, so I listened, and I am glad I did. So now, instead of spending my days posting ads, buying advertising and email lists, and being part of a packaged program that I don’t own, I got my own Affiliate Success Artificial Intelligence Robot. Most people call it a website, not me. My Robot works 24 hours a day. It doesn’t give me head aches, grief, want a raise, threaten to quit. It just does it’s job. What a relief! This thing works better than chromosome number 2 any day, including mine.

No Face to Face Selling, Yuk

  1. No Products to Buy-No Clogging your House with stuff sitting all over the place
  2. No Boxing Products, No Labels to put on boxes
  3. No Shipping to ever have to do
  4. No Worrying about Returns, ever
  5. No Worrying about Angry Customers-somebody else does all of that
  6. And, A Lifetime Income

When you have to do all that stuff its like moving a job from where you used to work to your home. Who wants that?

So, What Is The Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a group people 1.4 million strong  willing to assist you, most who are just like you, who are searching for a better way to supplement their income, or completely replace their income, and some who are Super Affiliates. We have an Entrepreneurial Spirit and we believe in “Paying it forward”. We are all so appreciative that we finally found some place willing, not to just use us to make money for them, as much as an emphasis on Learning How To Become Professional Marketers, who are self-sufficient. Some of us choose to promote our system because we believe that in doing so we are actually helping people. But it is not stressed that you do so, rather they go about teaching all of us how to be independent, no longer relying on some package, email soliciting, program just like you see in the ten’s of millions of emails floating around attempting to sign you into their programs. Too Much Competition in that, you are just one in millions trying the same thing. Wealthy Affiliate shows you the millions of products being sold on the internet and how you promote those products to make a commission. Stuff that people are already looking to buy.

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose

I built my very first website in one week, and if you hurry fast, your first week will be free also, then as an added benefit, your first month will be only $19.00, those first five weeks include so much more then just learning, you will have to check it out yourself to see all the benefits of becoming a Wealthy affiliate member. You don’t even need to register a credit card. So you have absolutely nothing to lose by checking us out with no strings attached while you build your own website.


To Your Well Deserved Success,


Our Affiliate Success

Please Donate To St. Jude’s Hospital:

Save A Child, Comfort A Family, Donate To ST. Jude’s Hospital











My name is Rich. By the time you get to the end of this article I hope we are friends. I know that I am going to do everything in my power to make that happen. Just, please promise me one thing, that you will at least listen to what I have to say.

I know why you are here. You are just like I was a while back, looking for a way to make money online. Should be an easy task, right? I mean there are thousands of upon thousands of people telling you they have the answers to your problems.

They are telling you that they have a System so easy to use, it is just plug and play, rinse and repeat. You don’t even need a website, they will give you a Capture Page free of charge, all you have to do is send people to that page and everything is all set for you to make even more money than you have ever dreamed possible.

Sounds great doesn’t it. There is only one problem. It doesn’t work. And it never will. Do you know why? Just look at your email account. I bet you it is filling up with all kinds of opportunities for you to look at…and so is everyone else’s. So, if you join the crowd, you will become one of many who are just competing against each other.

Now, the person that you paid for that great system, either one of two things will happen

      1. You will never hear from them again- which is a high probability
      2. They will offer training webinars … Now you are in more trouble than you dreamed possible.

You see, that system that he sold you is even bigger, and better than you could even have imagined. It has all kinds of components that are so unbelievable. You are receiving each one of those components as a Bonus for joining his “Automatic Moneymaking System”. “Bonuses great, I’ll hit that link to download them right away. Wait a minute, these bonuses cost extra money…what kind of bonus is that”? But you will be saving at 70% off our regular price….as he explains in his Webinar how important they are to your success. That, my friend is the main reason for the Webinar.

If you are lucky, a light will have clicked off in your head and you would have thought, “ how much more is this going to cost me”? Unfortunately, many do not, including me. Those guys are good…they suck you into their system that doesn’t really work, and you are no better off than when you came there. If you leave, you will have wasted all of that money. And what have you learned to help yourself? Nothing, because they own that so called… Automatic System, not you.

So, what do you do next, you look for another online program, but unfortunately those are mostly all opportunities for them, not you.

There are an endless supply of people looking to make money online, the scammers know it, they unfortunately always take advantage of it. That is why there are so many emails in your inbox with people trying to sell you something. None of those poor souls knows enough of anything to help you. They are just being mules carrying emails that they had to pay for themselves. They also, as a bonus, got an Autoresponder at a discount so they can send mass emails.

Those emails are the wash, rinse, and repeat thing they told you about. There are millions of email addresses that they can sell to you. And when you do get someone to join your email list, you can bet they get them also, that is where they get the emails to sell to others like you. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

I used to think, “what the heck am I doing wrong, am I not smart enough to do this, or what”? I keep going from one thing to another and I can’t make money with none of this stuff. If that isn’t bad enough, my friends and family tell me, I shouldn’t have tried in the first place, which made me kind of mad, because I had to grit my teeth and not say anything

You may have thought the same things at one time. But I am here to tell you, it is not your fault, you did nothing wrong.

I know your pain, I have been there. There is no easy way to make money online I will not sugar coat it. It takes time, and hard work to be successful online. You have a lot to learn, and learning is the key. Because, Knowledge, is Power.

They didn’t want you to learn, because you would have become their competition, as if there isn’t enough opportunity for all of us, and besides you wouldn’t have bought any more of those bonuses they were always trying to sell you.


Once you learn the best way to make money online, you are in control. But please promise me one other thing… You will not use it to control others. To take advantage of them like you and I were used. We believe in paying it forward. Once we learn, we are all willing to share our success stories, and knowledge with others throughout our community. We are a group of Entrepreneurs 1.4 million strong, many are millionaires, who believe so strongly in our organization, why else would they still be there? Believe me, I am by no means a millionaire yet, but I have no doubt that I will be one day.

What we do is teach you how to be a Professional Marketer Online. We help you find a Niche to participate in to grow your business. A Niche is simply, a hobby, or an interest, something you may be passionate about, perhaps exercise, vitamins, or losing weight, RVing, Camping, Hiking. Or maybe you are not passionate about anything, you may just pick one because you can make a lot of money. There are literally millions of niches, and we teach you how to monetize them as an Affiliate by learning step by step how to build your own website. You can work all the niches you want to help diversify your income if you choose. It is entirely up to you. So, what is an Affiliate click one of the links below to find out:

Before you click that link below I want to tell you somethings. We do not use those sales tactics you have become accustomed to, as a matter of fact we give you a free trial period to check us out, see exactly what we are offering.

You don’t need to use your credit card because we are confident you will see the value in what we are offering, we don’t use those kind of sneaky tricks.

The first link will take you to another page on my site, the one like this that I learned how to build myself in just under two weeks. Sorry, don’t mean to brag, but I am such a clutz, I didn’t think this was possible. Well I am retired and have plenty of time, so don’t be too impressed. I got to be honest.

I’ll explain what an affiliate is here on another page of this site:>>Click Here<<

or, if you wish you could visit the Wealthy Affiliate site for all the complete details: >>Click Here<<

Living Well Is The Best Revenge


Sometimes life doesn’t treat us so well. It happens to all of us at one time or another. It is always so easy to let those negative thoughts consume us. Instead of seeing all the good things we have, at times we can only concentrate on the  bad things that happen. We may want to get even for an injustice, or something that happened that made a relationship  go bad. These are the times that our up bringing and character must take charge of those situations. Dwelling on the past, when it is hurtful is not good. If you let it control you, it may take you to places you really don’t want to go. So, why let it? It is always better to think positive. Life is so short, and everyday is precious. Always remember, time is the only thing in life that is irreplaceable, so it is best that you spend your time in a happy place. We all at times, need time to heal. When you  hurt yourself physically, you go to doctor. When life hurts you, go to friends and family and let them cheer, and heal you. But never forget:

“Living Well Is The Best Revenge” 

Have a Good Life, Friend


Why Affiliates Are So Valuable To Marketing

Why Affiliates Add So Much Value


What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is an independent marketer who sells other people’s stuff, usually for a percentage of the selling price, a commission, plain and simple. They fill a need for retailers’ in that, if it sits on their self, or in their inventory, whatever it is, it is not making money for the retailer.   Now, the retailers’ could  add more advertising campaigns to try to sell their overstocked inventory, but that is an added expense, which would not guarantee a sale, by any means. Whereas, the affiliate is not getting paid until the sale is made, which is a lot more practical, and efficient for the retailer. Because of that situation, it doesn’t cost the buyer any more money to purchase through an affiliate, and it actually could save, or make the retailer a great deal of money.

The more affiliates attempting to sell product for a particular retailer, the less the retailer has to pay for direct advertising. They only need to keep their brand, or service reputation good in the minds of consumers. So, affiliates provide a valuable service to all retailers’. The more affiliates they have working for them creates a much better situation for the retailer. They are not dependent on one affiliate which creates a situation for them where demands for commission increases don’t exist, in most cases. However, if you could determine that the volume of your sales were much higher than the average affiliate, then you could suggest that you are certainly worth more to them. That is why some affiliates make more based on their volume of business. Your ingenuity can guarantee you are at the top of the food chain, so to speak.


How Much Money Does An Affiliate Make?

As you investigate which niche you may want to market, you will find in some cases, great disparity in commission rates for the affiliates among different retailers’. There are several trains of thought to consider when determining how much one can make as an affiliate. Any profession you may decide to enter will have earning disparities depending on how good you are at what you do, and who you work for.

Earning a commission is the same as, for example, construction trades getting paid by piece work. The faster you can work, the more you can make. It’s like the merit system on steroids, but better because the rewards are immediate, and you know how much your commission rates are up front. You will notice that places like Amazon tend to pay at a lower rate. That is because they are the largest seller of products in the world. Everyone buys things from Amazon, so it is easy to get people to shop there. The only problems you would have as an Affiliate for them are, 1) the large volume of sales needed because a low commission rate. 2) And  situation of the cookies, those little internet things attached to your affiliate links that shows that it was you, through your efforts, that sent a customer to them. They only last for 24 hours for Amazon. So, if your customer doesn’t make a purchase in that time frame, they become Amazon’s or another affiliate’s customer whenever they make that, or another purchase, out of that time frame. The way to get around that is to make certain that your link is always in front of your customer. Make it easier for them to connect to Amazon through you. This is where your ingenuity would be a big factor. It would be wise to make certain that you are not violating any terms of service in your affiliate agreement with Amazon, or any retailer when attempting to keep them as a regular customer of yours.


WealthyAffiliate, Earn As You Learn


Some retailers’ have their affiliate links effective for up to a year, so you would get credit for whatever they bought for up to that period. Some customers belong to the affiliate for as long as they purchase on a regular basis, Wealthy Affiliate being one of those, whose customers are charged monthly, and you would receive a commission monthly for that same customer. As you can see you would have to balance possible volume, and price vs your particular affiliate link activity terms. Once you start making money, which is one of your first goals, it would be wise to consider all of these factors in determining which retailers’ you wish to represent in your affiliate activities. Always try to determine which situation is more profitable for your company by diversifying and determining where your efforts are most lucrative.

In another article I will provide examples of retailers, at which commission rates they pay, and how long their links are active. Just to get your attention, did you know Travigo and Price Line are affiliate marketers? Many affiliates are paid many Millions, or even Billions of dollars. Your compensation is only limited by your imagination and abilities.

Please note that you will find no better place than Wealthy Affiliate to learn every aspect of affiliate marketing.

Thank you,





About Me


My Journey to Success    



Whose Opportunity Is This ?

I was always interested in Business Opportunities since the early days of AOL. That was a time when you had to get on the internet using dial up modems. My first computer was so slow that it wouldn’t even get off the entrance ramp to that new Information Super Highway. I had my own startup business as a small Telecommunications Contractor. As my business grew I bought better computers, I still had an interest and a tendency to always looked at those Business Opportunities and I messed around with them to a small degree.

What I began to notice though was that the opportunity I was looking for was more of an opportunity for those trying to recruit me than it was for me. Furthermore, that never really changed over the years. They all told me the same thing, “you need to first build up an email list, and present this great opportunity to others”. The problem was, that they never told me exactly how to do that. However, they did offer to sell me these fresh, hot email list from opportunity seekers who were looking for the same thing I was. ” OK, if I found this great Opportunity why don’t I know what it is yet”?


To Tell You The Truth

It all seemed like a scam to me, and I pride myself as being an honest guy, and to tell you the truth my heart just wasn’t into it, though my mind still was, so I fell for several of these before I gave up in complete frustration. Besides, my business, the one I was actually making my living with, kept me so busy I kind of lost interest.


I am Retired, Well Almost

Fast forward to my retirement, after several years of just relaxing my broken body from all the hard work ( I was on my feet all day ) and resting my mind from all the stress caused by endless details, and deadlines that were always miraculously met, I started my Business Opportunity quest yet again. Same results, pay for an auto responder, go buy advertisements, or email list and be amazed how that list will grow, they never really did.

Oh, and the catcher, “you don’t need a Website, just a Capture Page, which we will supply”. As time went by, my email inbox sure did grow with these endless opportunities that said, please do not reply to this email with solicitations. I concluded those emails were from all the others mules they had recruited to carry their mail, just like me. They just kept coming and coming.

Thanks Tim

Then thanks to my new buddy Tim, I found Weathy Affiliates where I learn how to have clients find me, instead of me trying to find them, while being lost in the crowd of endless emails. I am not going to sugar coat this and say you will be an overnight success, because you won’t. But, if that is what you want, you need to listen to all those ads that tell you they will do that for you. Then in a couple years, hopefully you can find me again, after you are frustrated like I was so long ago. Please, save yourself from all that aggravation, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.


What Have You Got To Lose

You have absolutely nothing to lose, we don’t even want your credit card for our Free Week of exploring everything we have to offer. First thing you will notice, the greetings you will get from myself and the owners. We have videos that explain everything from how to move around our site, to all the many, many free training video you can watch right away. You can build your own website, free of charge, ask questions from our 1.4 million members who are eager to help. Our goal is to help you become an Online Marketing Professional. Selling almost any product you want. Once that happens you can work anywhere in the world. There are 4 Billion potential customers on the internet spending Trillions of dollars per year. You can get more than your share after we teach you how.

So, if you want it all completely laid out for you, all you need to do is push this button. You’re so close…Geese’s


Welcome To Your New Found Success,