We were all created equal, and we can do anything we set our minds to because we were all given an extraordinary gift.

Our American Founding Fathers made a unique statement in Our Declaration of Independence when they stated that ” All Men Are Created Equal”. Of course, they had no evidence to support that statement, other than their faith in God, and their religious beliefs.

As science and technologies have advanced we have been able to prove, and disprove, many theories, and assumptions. There now exist peer reviewed evidence that we humanoids were in fact CREATED equally. That which distinguishes humanoids apart from other Primates, could not possibly have evolved through an evolutionary process. Because it was so precise, and intricate a procedure that it would have been impossible to perform by accident or by non directed mutation. It was intentional, and purposeful. And all of us were given that exact same gift that separated us from all other species.

We all have followed different paths to get to where we are today. Who we are has been defined by our environments, and our attitudes about ourselves and our ancestors. We have been influenced by family, friends, foes, and society, where we live, or lived, and associated climates. But make no mistake, we have all been given this incredible gift.

Why would I make such a statement? To reinforce the idea that we are all capable of accomplishment we have never dreamed possible. Many of us are trapped in our own minds, and we may set limitations upon ourselves that are simply not true.

We only grow when we place ourselves out of our comfort zones. We should set goals to give ourselves confidence that we can achieve things we never thought possible.

First, I want you to please watch this incredible video that will reinforce what I have stated. Please be sure to watch the complete video because the ending, though not proven by peer review, is simply fascinating, I believe it to be true and that God has left us a message.

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Luck, is preparation waiting for opportunity,


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