Our Affiliate Success AI Robot- He Keeps Working While We Do Other Stuff

Time flies, and there are so many things to do. Seems like you don’t have the time to get it all done

It is so nice to have Our Success AI Robot, he does exactly what we tell him to do. I am not talking about some Robot in a box that I get to use that is already set up for me, I am talking about Our AI Robot that we built, that will always belong to us. But I am getting ahead of myself, let me explain how and why I built Our affiliate AI Robot

Life Can Be Hectic

I don’t know about you, I am retired now, but I used to have a 3 hour 2 way commute every day. I was very busy and stressed out back then, fighting all that traffic going in and out of D.C. and that was before and after I worked an 8-hour day. I sure wish I would have just stopped to think what I could have done to make my life easier, but hey, I just had the attitude I have things I have to do, so I just forged ahead like everyone else I knew.

I Have Time To Think

It wasn’t until my retirement, now that I have all the time in the world to waste idly thinking, that I came up with this idea about wouldn’t be nice if I could have had someone, or something working for me, hmm.? When I was self-employed I had employees, but at times they caused a lot more work for me to do, and I always had to work beside them to make certain our schedules were always met. Sometimes it just seemed that no one but the boss cared about the important things. They refused to be programmed to think that way.

Thanks again, Tim

Then I met my new buddy, Tim. He introduced me to Wealthy Affiliate who showed me how to build my own Website. They taught me how to program it, how to write content, set up Search Engine Optimization, so It would get noticed by Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Once you learn how to do that it is like free advertising, but the good part is that you actually learn how to do all of that stuff. I am not talking about a Robot in a box sort of thing, I am talking about learning how to build your own AI Robot, so to speak. Once you program it right, it will automatically generate sales, do the sales pitch for you, send the customer to the product, and take care of all the details. It will actually do whatever you tell it to do, unlike my employees.

And Here Is The Best Part

Wealthy Affiliate introduced me to Affiliate marketing, and explained all the benefits of affiliate marketing. Man was I stubborn because I bought into all of that email marketing stuff, that just never worked. They insisted their way was much better, so I listened, and I am glad I did. So now, instead of spending my days posting ads, buying advertising and email lists, and being part of a packaged program that I don’t own, I got my own Affiliate Success Artificial Intelligence Robot. Most people call it a website, not me. My Robot works 24 hours a day. It doesn’t give me head aches, grief, want a raise, threaten to quit. It just does it’s job. What a relief! This thing works better than chromosome number 2 any day, including mine.

No Face to Face Selling, Yuk

  1. No Products to Buy-No Clogging your House with stuff sitting all over the place
  2. No Boxing Products, No Labels to put on boxes
  3. No Shipping to ever have to do
  4. No Worrying about Returns, ever
  5. No Worrying about Angry Customers-somebody else does all of that
  6. And, A Lifetime Income

When you have to do all that stuff its like moving a job from where you used to work to your home. Who wants that?

So, What Is The Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a group people 1.4 million strong  willing to assist you, most who are just like you, who are searching for a better way to supplement their income, or completely replace their income, and some who are Super Affiliates. We have an Entrepreneurial Spirit and we believe in “Paying it forward”. We are all so appreciative that we finally found some place willing, not to just use us to make money for them, as much as an emphasis on Learning How To Become Professional Marketers, who are self-sufficient. Some of us choose to promote our system because we believe that in doing so we are actually helping people. But it is not stressed that you do so, rather they go about teaching all of us how to be independent, no longer relying on some package, email soliciting, program just like you see in the ten’s of millions of emails floating around attempting to sign you into their programs. Too Much Competition in that, you are just one in millions trying the same thing. Wealthy Affiliate shows you the millions of products being sold on the internet and how you promote those products to make a commission. Stuff that people are already looking to buy.

You Have Absolutely Nothing To Lose

I built my very first website in one week, and if you hurry fast, your first week will be free also, then as an added benefit, your first month will be only $19.00, those first five weeks include so much more then just learning, you will have to check it out yourself to see all the benefits of becoming a Wealthy affiliate member. You don’t even need to register a credit card. So you have absolutely nothing to lose by checking us out with no strings attached while you build your own website.


To Your Well Deserved Success,


Our Affiliate Success

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