My name is Rich. By the time you get to the end of this article I hope we are friends. I know that I am going to do everything in my power to make that happen. Just, please promise me one thing, that you will at least listen to what I have to say.

I know why you are here. You are just like I was a while back, looking for a way to make money online. Should be an easy task, right? I mean there are thousands of upon thousands of people telling you they have the answers to your problems.

They are telling you that they have a System so easy to use, it is just plug and play, rinse and repeat. You don’t even need a website, they will give you a Capture Page free of charge, all you have to do is send people to that page and everything is all set for you to make even more money than you have ever dreamed possible.

Sounds great doesn’t it. There is only one problem. It doesn’t work. And it never will. Do you know why? Just look at your email account. I bet you it is filling up with all kinds of opportunities for you to look at…and so is everyone else’s. So, if you join the crowd, you will become one of many who are just competing against each other.

Now, the person that you paid for that great system, either one of two things will happen

      1. You will never hear from them again- which is a high probability
      2. They will offer training webinars … Now you are in more trouble than you dreamed possible.

You see, that system that he sold you is even bigger, and better than you could even have imagined. It has all kinds of components that are so unbelievable. You are receiving each one of those components as a Bonus for joining his “Automatic Moneymaking System”. “Bonuses great, I’ll hit that link to download them right away. Wait a minute, these bonuses cost extra money…what kind of bonus is that”? But you will be saving at 70% off our regular price….as he explains in his Webinar how important they are to your success. That, my friend is the main reason for the Webinar.

If you are lucky, a light will have clicked off in your head and you would have thought, “ how much more is this going to cost me”? Unfortunately, many do not, including me. Those guys are good…they suck you into their system that doesn’t really work, and you are no better off than when you came there. If you leave, you will have wasted all of that money. And what have you learned to help yourself? Nothing, because they own that so called… Automatic System, not you.

So, what do you do next, you look for another online program, but unfortunately those are mostly all opportunities for them, not you.

There are an endless supply of people looking to make money online, the scammers know it, they unfortunately always take advantage of it. That is why there are so many emails in your inbox with people trying to sell you something. None of those poor souls knows enough of anything to help you. They are just being mules carrying emails that they had to pay for themselves. They also, as a bonus, got an Autoresponder at a discount so they can send mass emails.

Those emails are the wash, rinse, and repeat thing they told you about. There are millions of email addresses that they can sell to you. And when you do get someone to join your email list, you can bet they get them also, that is where they get the emails to sell to others like you. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

I used to think, “what the heck am I doing wrong, am I not smart enough to do this, or what”? I keep going from one thing to another and I can’t make money with none of this stuff. If that isn’t bad enough, my friends and family tell me, I shouldn’t have tried in the first place, which made me kind of mad, because I had to grit my teeth and not say anything

You may have thought the same things at one time. But I am here to tell you, it is not your fault, you did nothing wrong.

I know your pain, I have been there. There is no easy way to make money online I will not sugar coat it. It takes time, and hard work to be successful online. You have a lot to learn, and learning is the key. Because, Knowledge, is Power.

They didn’t want you to learn, because you would have become their competition, as if there isn’t enough opportunity for all of us, and besides you wouldn’t have bought any more of those bonuses they were always trying to sell you.


Once you learn the best way to make money online, you are in control. But please promise me one other thing… You will not use it to control others. To take advantage of them like you and I were used. We believe in paying it forward. Once we learn, we are all willing to share our success stories, and knowledge with others throughout our community. We are a group of Entrepreneurs 1.4 million strong, many are millionaires, who believe so strongly in our organization, why else would they still be there? Believe me, I am by no means a millionaire yet, but I have no doubt that I will be one day.

What we do is teach you how to be a Professional Marketer Online. We help you find a Niche to participate in to grow your business. A Niche is simply, a hobby, or an interest, something you may be passionate about, perhaps exercise, vitamins, or losing weight, RVing, Camping, Hiking. Or maybe you are not passionate about anything, you may just pick one because you can make a lot of money. There are literally millions of niches, and we teach you how to monetize them as an Affiliate by learning step by step how to build your own website. You can work all the niches you want to help diversify your income if you choose. It is entirely up to you. So, what is an Affiliate click one of the links below to find out:

Before you click that link below I want to tell you somethings. We do not use those sales tactics you have become accustomed to, as a matter of fact we give you a free trial period to check us out, see exactly what we are offering.

You don’t need to use your credit card because we are confident you will see the value in what we are offering, we don’t use those kind of sneaky tricks.

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